Are you aware that you may have unclaimed money out there?  Most people don’t realize that financial institutions, businesses and government agencies are legally bound to return unclaimed money to any person to whom they owe.  Unclaimed property laws, which are administered through each state allow for individuals to make claims on these funds.  There could be thousands of dollars going unclaimed.  There is, however, several solutions to see if you are owed money and, if so, how much. 

A great website to check to see if you have unclaimed funds is  This is a free website administered by the National Association of Unclaimed Property, a nonprofit affiliation of the National Association of State Treasurers.  The website directs you to individual states which ask for your information then search for any unclaimed funds.  You could have unclaimed money out there right now!  (Just in time to pay your taxes, hmmm).  By the way, the site may find funds for your business as well!  

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